WehoPuts treats the wastewater of cottagers on Gotland, Åminne

WehoPuts treats the wastewater of cottagers

The WehoPuts 550 treatment plant, which was delivered from Vaasa, will soon treat the wastewater of over a hundred summer cottages and a couple of dozens of single-family houses in Åminne on Gotland's east coast. In a few years, the system will be expanded to include about a hundred more cottages.


  • Åminne, Sverige
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  • Färdigställt: 2015

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  • WehoPuts 500 treatment plant

The east coast of the naturally beautiful Gotland, which is said to be the sunniest place in Sweden, is known for its sandy beaches and breath-taking sunsets. Åminne – the local word for "delta" – is a very popular holiday resort at the delta of the Gothem river, about 40 kilometres from Visby. In the area there are a lot of summer cottages as well as holiday centres and camping sites for tourists. The number of residents in Åminne – and on the whole of Gotland – skyrockets in summer.


Goodbye to wastewater treatment problems

The village of Gothem in Åminne also mainly consists of summer cottages. There are a few dozens of permanent residents in the village. A WehoPuts 550 treatment plant will replace the residents' old systems next summer, thus solving the wastewater treatment problems of 140 properties in the area. Gotland is rich in lime bedrock, which makes tile fields difficult to build. However, local authorities do not allow single properties to build their own treatment plants – instead, at least 4–6 properties must use the same treatment plant. – The joint WehoPuts treatment plant is ideal for local conditions and is an easy solution for residents, states product manager Jean Saarinen from Uponor Infra. Uponor Infra has already delivered several WehoPuts treatment plants to Gotland. – A few years ago, we delivered a WehoPuts 300 treatment plant to Furillen, an island on the northeast coast of Gotland. And a second one will follow later on, says Saarinen.


More properties in a few years

According to Saarinen, the wastewater of an additional 115 summer cottages and 25 permanently occupied single-family houses will be treated at the Gothem treatment plant. – The system will be expanded in a few years by adding another process tank, which will enable to increase the treatment plant's catchment area by some one hundred cottages. As its name indicates, the WehoPuts 550 treatment plant is designed to treat the wastewater of 550 users. – In the future, with two process tanks for the treatment plant, the system will be dimensioned for a total of 960 users. WehoPutswas chosen simply because modular systems can be easily expanded according to the customer's needs, says Saarinen. Manufactured from light Weholite profile, WehoPuts is delivered fully ready for installation. This makes it an extremely easy and fast alternative. Installation is further facilitated by a package of well-dimensioned and well-designed anchors.


In use before the summer

OSAB Östra Gotlands Schakt AB, a Gotland-based construction and industrial company which also owns the treatment plant, is responsible for the construction work of the treatment plant. The company charges properties with a connection fee as well as a monthly usage fee based on the property's load. – Excavation work for the pipelines was already completed in the autumn, and a total of 135 pump wells have been installed in the area. Treated water is pumped into the sea along a pipe built through bedrock, says Jean Saarinen. WehoPuts was delivered by Uponor Infra's factory in Vaasa at the end of February and was installed between the end of February and the beginning of March. – It only takes a few hours to install the treatment plant at the site. When all electrical and other connections are ready, the treatment plant starts up at the touch of a button. In Gothem, WehoPuts was taken into use by the end of April, well before the summer.


Stricter legislation

Sweden has no legislation on wastewater treatment in sparsely populated areas, even though it applies the same EU wastewater directed applied in Finland. In 2006, Naturvårdsverket – the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency – gave recommendations enabling each municipality to independently decide on wastewater treatment. This has resulted in a variety of practices across the country. – Legislation is, however, becoming increasingly stricter. About 16,000–17,000 wastewater systems are renovated every year in sparsely populated areas in Sweden. – The wastewater systems of some 700,000 properties should be renovated. There is certainly a need for treatment plants, states Saarinen.


  • The WehoPuts 200–1,200 treatment plants are biochemical domestic wastewater treatment plants intended for the joint treatment of the wastewater of several properties or villages.
  • The treatment plants consist of one or several horizontal cylindrical tanks to be installed on the ground and the required process equipment.
  • Thanks to its modular structure, the system is also easy to expand according to the customer's needs.
  • The sturdy and compact treatment plant is assembled at the factory and is fully ready for installation. On-site installation only takes a few hours.

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Construction work by OSAB Östra Gotlands Schakt AB

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