A biological treatment plant for an old log cabin, Savonlinna


  • Savonlinna, Finland
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  • Färdigställt: 2008

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The Murto family from Savonlinna live in a sturdy log cabin built in 1845. The waste water system of the house had last been renewed in the 70s and the old concrete wells as well as the absorption field had come to the end of their lifecycle. When the alternatives were renovating the old wells or getting a Uponor biological treatment plant, the decision wasn't hard to make.

"During the excavation work, we hit the bedrock. Miraculously, we managed to complete the job without blasting. For anybody who is planning to overhaul their waste treatment systems, I recommend checking what is under the ground before bringing the excavator to the site," Seppo Murto suggests.

Between deciding to get the Uponor biological treatment plant and making it happen, a few months went by.

"The whole installation project was over in a day. Excavation was the longest task but installing the tank only took a few hours. The tank was a ready package, which was then connected to the power grid and the pipes after the installation."

"This was worth the price. In use, the treatment plant is fool-proof and worry-free. After treatment, the waste water is completely odourless."

Murto has made an agreement with a local waste water firm to empty the biological treatment plant. When the tank is emptied he adds one Uponor chemical canister to the tank. He handles the maintenance himself because he knows a plumber and an electrician. He estimates the annual usage cost of the treatment plant to be around EUR 150 per year.

"Our own experience with the plant is so positive that it's easy to recommend a biological treatment plant to others. It made me think that we should have started the project even earlier!"

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